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Kids use stories
to master language
and communication skills!

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At Story Circles World, children master communicating through storytelling. 

Using stories from around the world – England, Japan, West Africa, Korea, Germany, Denmark, China, the Caribbean, India - we open vistas and broaden perspectives. 

Carefully structured lessons, crafted from the story text, awaken children’s language awareness so that they master English organically. 

Your child has the golden opportunity to work through the interactive, self-paced quizzes, and create and read his or her own story each week with a fun and engaging teacher.

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Storytelling is fun!

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We offer one-on-one teaching using our Story Circles approach. 

Our expert teachers guide students through our program, providing individual coaching and feedback. Our approach ensures that students learn effectively and enjoy the process. 

Students become more engaged, more confident, and better positioned to thrive at school.

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