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The Story Circles Way

In Story Circles, children read and listen to stories for fun. Each story serves as a springboard for developing skills in vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, grammar, and writing. Each unit of lessons works to lay a careful foundation for English Language arts and helps children to master the English language skills necessary for academic success. In addition, one-on-one tutoring ensures that gaps in learning are identified and filled.

The text for Story Circles is integrated with the online learning platform and is accessed once a student is signed up.

Course Layout

Our 4-part program gives children the English language foundation they need to excel at school in Canada. Suitable for children in Grades 3 – 6. 

All our classes are held online via Zoom. Each session lasts 50 minutes.
Parents can book with one of our tutors for private, one-on-one classes. 

Parents can also create a personal learning pod by inviting friends or relatives to join. Pods have a maximum of three students. This is encouraged because the children then have a wonderful opportunity to share their stories within a small circle.


There are four levels. Students may enter either at level 1 or level 2.

With each change in level, the stories become more challenging to read, the comprehension exercises demand more thought, and the writing becomes more detailed. 

Each level contains ten stories. Each unit is built upon a story. There are thirty classes, three per unit. When a student does three sessions per week, the level is completed in ten weeks. 

The teaching of English sentence structure advances from level 1 to level 4.

Story Circles 1
We recommend all students in grades 3 and 4 begin here. Students in grades 5 and 6 who need help learning the parts of speech are also advised to start here.
Story circles 2
At this level, students use their knowledge of the parts of speech to begin studying how sentences are structured.
story circles 3
With this group of stories, students become more versed in phrases and clauses, and learn about simple, compound, and complex sentences.
story circles 4
At this level, students begin to master complex sentences and learn to recognise and produce subordinate and relative clauses.


Three 50-minute sessions per week are ideal for completing one unit. Students complete ten units over ten weeks to complete a level. Parents / guardians can speak with us about creating a different schedule.


Weekly Homework

preparation for Session 1:
Before starting each unit, parents are asked to read and listen to the story with their child in preparation for class.
Students are asked to submit their drawing for the story via the online submission page.
preparation for Session 2:
Before the start of this session, students are asked to submit reading comprehension answers online to the tutor for feedback.
For practice, students are asked to repeat the online quizzes in Word Study and Understanding the Story.
preparation for Session 3:
Before the start of this session, students are asked to write and submit the story for the week’s unit.
This allows tutors to give detailed writing feedback via the platform.

Admission Requirements

All students in grades 3 – 6 are welcome to join Story Circles World.

All parents/guardians are asked to complete and submit a basic information form, and to book a consultation to discuss the needs of the student.


All our fees are stated in Canadian currency.
The fee for a private tutoring one-on-one class using the Story Circles World platform is $ 52 per session.

Before starting, a consultation session is required to discuss your child's needs. As a general guide to the discussion, questions will be provided before meeting. The consultation fee is $20.

Enjoy discounted rates for booking a ten-week block of classes. Payment plans can be set up for the ten-week term.

Introductory offer until August 31st, 2024: free consultation
Private, one-on-one tutoring FOR student booking a ten-week block of classes
  • Each student pays $50 per session
     (30 sessions)

Personal learning pod of two students booking a ten-week block of classes 
  • Each student pays $27 per session (30 sessions)
Personal learning pod of three students booking a ten-week block of classes 
  • Each student pays $20 per session (30 sessions)
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