SEA Report Writing

Give your child a higher score in SEA Creative Writing.

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Guided Writing Practice

Twelve SEA-formatted writing prompts, each with a word bank and a paragraph planner.

Step-by-Step Grammar

Guided practice in verb tenses and sentence structure

Organization and Language

Guided practice in organising and sequencing ideas using factual language and a formal tone.


Material presented in 52 micro-lessons with reinforcing quizzes.

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How will your child benefit?

An Interactive Workbook

This is an online self-paced course that prepares students specifically for the Report Writing task on the Secondary Entrance Assessment writing paper.

An engaging method that makes learning fun!

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    Your child will build skills in 
  • creating appropriate main ideas and supporting details
  • writing clearly defined paragraphs for the introduction/body/conclusion
  • sequencing ideas
  • using transitional words and phrases
  • using formal language
  • using factual language
  • varying sentence structures
  • using appropriate vocabulary and phrases
  • writing with grammatical accuracy
  • matching his/her writing to the requirements stated in the MOE exemplar document.

Carolyn Harnanan

English Language Teacher, Writer
Past Head of English at St. Augustine Girls' High School, Carolyn has years of experience in curriculum implementation, both in Trinidad and Tobago and in Canada. Carolyn now works in the field of children's literacy.
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